Oh thank merlin another Hogsmeade trip! As old and dank that wizarding town is (as ancient and rotting it is, Im surprised its lasted this long), its better than having to stare at these stone cold walls and their historically odd decors. Im refering to the paintings, especially. Bored in Transfiguration, a portrait of two 1600 wizards just slightly in my line of vision were pointing and looking at us Slytherins. I thought I heard "domestic liability" and "toilet bowl brush". I caught their eye, and they raised their eyebrows at me? So they whispered more to each other and started touching their hair. They gave me one last look and resumed talking quietly. What loons.

The play's final show time is next week. Ive had 4 fights with the stagehands, had paint splashed on me by the girls who play The Flowers (on accident, they say), and had the incredibly misfortune to have to manually fit Neville Longbottom's thick middle into a flower costume when Padma Patil got sick.

So at Hogsmeade. Should I replenish my ink wells with blueberry or cranberry?
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HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Today's rehearsal is no scripts allowed! They're all going to make idiots of themselves on that stage not knowing what to do or say and Mcgonagall is going to have a fit that they werent prepared! HAHA!
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The muggle playwrite has been going horridly. No one can seem to remember their places on the stage and the scenes are repeated over and over again. Ive been given no duties so far (though Mcgonagall swears it'll happen) so I just sit on my ass in the back and watch the progress going. Which is none so far! Arent you people supposed to be coming in to these things fully prepared?

"No time to say hello, goodbye, Im late Im late Im late." Oh no I cant get rid of it! It haunts me in my sleep!
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What an awful day Im having. First, Crabbe keeps us awake in our dorm with his deviated septum. Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, and myself had quite a row arguing on what spell would shut him up. Nobody had the patience or eagerness to make an extra strong sleeping draught and that would have taken more effort to wake up the log and get him to drink it. We flipped him over a few times with our wands. Blaise was holding a pillow to shove over Crabbe's face but we wrestled him down to stop because it would, you know, kill him.

The lack of sleep made me extra grouchy so you can imagine how much more it escalated when I came down for breakfast and someone had eaten all the toast. May Merlin give you loose bowl movements all day, you selfish glutton!

I had prefect rounds in the library at lunch with Pansy Parkinson who wouldnt stop yakking about how her horrible mother was treating her and that she was, once again, going to commit suicide.

And lastly, after being told to rewrite my 6-foot Muggle Studies essay that muggles will not become an endangered species any time soon, Prof. Mcgonagall has ordered me to become part of the stagehand staff for the Muggle Studies Play.
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My Holiday Post

I was having a fairly good holiday, if you're curious. Last year's was better though. However, I feel jipped from presents this year. I received nearly G70 last year and my aunt only gave me G30.

The night of the ball was only good towards the end. I was pained the entire time I was escorting that 5th year Gryffindor, which Im sure you all noticed at one point or another. But most of the evening wasn't a total waste of my time when I hung around my friends and danced with other girls. And the girl of the ball that I was fancing was with me for the most part of the evening. Most of us Slytherins returned to our dorm half an hour early before the ball was to end because Theodore Nott had organized a little bash for us, especially those that were to leave for the train that night, such as myself.

We've just come back from Holiday with the family. There was quick stop-over at Diagon to replenish my school supplies. My elf had better get everything organized by tomorrow morning. That's when the train back to Hogwarts is. Lazy son of an ogre.

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All right! Ron Weasley's sister is my date to the ball! And she called me the hotness, you hear? Im popular and the girls adore me. Merry Christmas indeed to you Drakie.
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